leftAssessment appeal services

Understanding your home assessment takes knowledge of what is being reported. You need to know is the assessment at 100% value. Many people fail to understand that the assessment amount maybe a percentage of what the assessor believes it to be worth. It can be under or even over 100% of the market value of your home. That's where an appraiser is very helpful. Give us a call, with some basic information we can determine if you should move forward with an appeal.

You can find this percentage information on line at https://www.state.nj.us/treasury/taxation/lpt/chapter123.shtml

To move forward and file an appeal and be successful you will need the knowledge and expertise of an appraiser. There are certain rules, regulations and procedures that need to be followed, when filing an appeal. As an expert in this field JWD APPRAISAL SERVICE, LLC., can help you file an appeal and give you the best chance for a successful result with your appeal.


When contacting JWD APPRAISAL SERVICE., LLC., as addressed above we will do a preliminary look into your home and discuss with you if in our opinion you should proceed forward with an appeal. At JWD APPRAISAL SERVICE., LLC., we will not take on an appeal we do not feel is justified in pursuing. We commit that we do not want to waste your money or our time on an appeal that we do not believe will be successful. JWD APPRAISAL SERVICE, LLC., we take in pride in our success rate.

Please note: It makes sense to do your own research before determining whether to go forward with a property assessment appeal, especially before you make the decision to hire a professional appraiser. However, 
according to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), we are not allowed to take "shortcuts" -- i.e., your research -- and use it on its face as part of our independent evaluation. When you hire us for an assessment appeal, you're commissioning  an independent, third-party professional expert in real estate valuations. As such we do our own evaluation, beginning to end. If you're right that your property has been overvalued, an independent report such as ours will be even more persuasive than any other evidence you can present on your own. 


Sometimes, you will have a hearing on your assessment appeal and will need for the appraiser you've hired to testify on your behalf. Be assured that at JWD APPRAISAL SERVICE, we are able to professionally and persuasively testify at appeal hearings.  Browse our website to learn more about our qualifications, expertise and services offered.