TAX APPEAL 05/11/09
May 12th, 2009 9:27 PM

What is a tax appeal hearing; when may I appeal; who hears my appeal?

Tax appeals must be filed annually on or before April 1st or within 45 days of the bulk mailing of the Assessment Notices; or May 1st where a municipal-wide revaluation or municipal-wide reassessment has been implemented. Once filed, a hearing before the County Tax Board is scheduled. The Tax Board consists of members (commissioners) appointed by the Governor. Tax Board Commissioners primarily hear disputes involving assessments. Hearings are usually scheduled during the day, but some Boards schedule differently. Individual taxpayers may represent themselves. Business entities other than sole proprietorships must be represented by an attorney. The taxing district is the opposing party represented by the municipal attorney. The assessor or an appraiser may appear at the hearing as an expert witness.

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